Living Color

Touching the Past, Present and Future through the Art of Natural Dyes. An exhibition of artwork and research about the cultivation and use of natural dyes in a contemporary, Baltimore context. Participating artists include students and faculty from Coppin State University and MICA, local artists and gardeners from our community.
Living Color Exhibition at the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Museum, Baltimore MD

Bio Region Group Statement
For Bio Region Statement on Exhibit Wall:
Our focus on Baltimore and its surrounds as a bioregion aims to address the eco-dependency of land and water which provides a unique opportunity to share the potential of natural dye in our area. Our group researched the historical context of classic natural dyes and its color yields, focused upon the immense list of botanical specimens in our area, presents the work moving forward at the Hidden Harvest Dye Garden, and offer practical, accessible and sustainable practices as joyful alternatives to coloring cloth.
Group members: Piper Shepard (a Chair of the Fiber Department at MICA), Kenya Miles & Rosa Chang (both Artist-in-Residence at MICA), Abbey Franklin & Haven Deanglis (both Student at MICA)

I worked on the botanical illustration series. All illustrations are hand-drawn with ink/watercolor on paper.

Maryland Bio regional Dye / Plants

Food Waste Dye

Traditional Dye